What is ANI Full Form - ANI News Agency?

What is ANI Full Form - ANI News Agency?

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Friends, if you too watch a lot of news like me, then you must also have noticed this at some time whenever you watch the news outside the studio on the ground news of any news channel on TV, then their news reporter (journalist) There is a mic of news channel or news agency in hand.

The mic that is in the hands of a news reporter has the name (logo) of the news channel and you must have noticed that most of the mic is written by the name of the ANI news agency, so many people want to know what ANI is and What is ANI full form, let us know.

What is News Agency ANI Full Form and What is ANI?

Friends ANI's full form is "Asian News International". ANI is South asia’s leading multimedia news agency. ANI was founded on 9 December 1971 by Prem Prakash ji (founder) and is currently the CEO of Sanjiv Prakash ji ANI.

ANI is a news agency that collects news reports from place to place and then sells that news to its subscribing news organizations such as newspapers, magazines and television broadcasters.

ANI is India's largest news agency today. It provides video footage of entertainment, lifestyle, business, politics, science, sports or general news to news companies like NDTV, CNN, Republic, Aaj tak, ABP, Times Now, Zee, BBC etc.

All these news companies do not have so many reporters so that they can cover the news everywhere, so they take the help of the news agency's ANI news agency.

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