CCC Full Form - What is CCC?

CCC Full Form - What is CCC?

CCC Full Form, CCC Ka Full Form Kya Hai, what is the full form of CCC, CCC Ka Poora Naam Kya Hai, what is CCCC, CCC full name and what it means in Hindi, all such You will get the answers to the questions in this post.

CCC Full Form - What is CCC?

The CCC has a Full Form Course on Computer Concepts . CCC in Hindi means a course that you learn about basic concepts of computer such as Operating System, MS Office, Internet and Multimedia etc. In this, basic information about computer and internet is given and taught, after learning this course, you will get yourself fully ready to do the job of a Computer Operator. So let's talk about its other general information.

This is a type of Certificate Course. This course has been created with the objective of providing a basic level IT literacy program for the common man. This course was essentially designed to give an aam aadmi an opportunity to attain computer literacy, which today is contributing to various fields of common man's life. After successfully completing this course, a student can do computing activities such as mailing, preparing PPT Presentation, preparing business letters, accessing information from internet etc.

This course is a Government Assumed Course for Government Jobs. In today's time, CCC Course has become mandatory for all types of government jobs, whether you are applying for central government or state government jobs only. The CCC Course is organized by the Nielit (National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology) Institute

Suppose if you apply for a government job and in that job you are asked for a certificate of basic computer course. For this, you have to submit a certificate of CCC course. Friends, you will also see written on the job form that you should place your CCC Certificate of Nielit here. Therefore only CCC Course Certificate is used there. If you apply another Private Basic Computer Course or any other course certificate, your form is canceled and this job will be removed from your hand.

There are also some government jobs in which a certificate from other Government Courses is found. But out of all the government jobs that are coming in today's time, only CCC Course's certificate is sought. There are two main benefits of doing CCC Course, you can apply this certificate in both private and government jobs.

What qualifications should a CCC Course learn?

Any person can do this course. That is to say, to do this course, your 8th Pass, 10th Pass, 12th Pass does not matter. You can also do this course without doing 8th, 10th, 12th.

How long does it take to learn CCC Course

If you want to do CCC Course then you have to show interest in it. CCC course is very easy to do and you can learn it in very less time. The CCC Course takes very little time to learn. If you work very hard, then you can learn it very well in 4 months. If you learn 2 hours of CCC Course every day, then you can learn well in 4 months. In this, you are prepared for Practical 50% and Theory 30% and 20% Extra Paper

What is the CCC Course fee?

Friends, the cost of CCC Course is very low. Perhaps you will not know that the fees of this course vary from institution to institute. This fee is between 3200 and 3500 in all institutes.

Syllabus of CCC Course

What is the Syllabus of CCC Course, now we will tell you about it, then let us know. Friends, if you do not have any knowledge of computer, then the CCC Course or its Diploma can be very beneficial for you, because the Syllabus of CCC is designed with a Fresher in mind -

  • Basic Finance Terms

  • Microsoft Office Word

  • Microsoft Office Excel

  • Introduction to Computer

  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint

  • Computer Communication and Internet

  • Introduction to GUI Operating System

How is the CCC Exam

The CCC Exam happens online. The CCC exam is held every month in every city. In the CCC exam, 100 MCQ questions are given, which you have to sit in the online computer. Minimum 50% is required to pass the CCC Exam and Grading is given according to the number, some of which are as follows -

  • Correct Answer - Grade
    • 50 to 54 - D
    • 55 to 64 - C
    • 65 to 74 - B
    • 75 to 84 - A
    • 85 - S

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