CDMA Full Form - What is CDMA?

CDMA Full Form - What is CDMA?

CDMA Full Form, what is CDMA, what is CDMA, what is the use of CDMA, what kind of technology is CDMA, what is CDMA SIM, if you are searching these questions related to CDMA So this post is right for you.

Today I am sharing information about CDMA with you in this post. I hope that whatever you want to know about CDMA, you will definitely find it in this post. If you want to read well about CDMA, then go to the end of this post.

In today's era, almost every single person uses the Internet and that too with 4G data. Earlier there was nothing like Internet but there was no Speed to use it. Internet used to do a lot of slow work.

Friends, there are many such technical words that we use in our normal life. They do not know their meaning, what their full form is. Today we will learn about one such Word CDMA. So let's know what is CDMA Meaning in Hindi. CDMA Full Form In Hindi - What is CDMA.

CDMA Full Form

it's called Code Division Multiple Access and meaning in hindi is कूट विभाजन बहु अभिगम . Multiple Access means that multiple transmitters can send information simultaneously over a communication channel.

What is CDMA?

CDMA is used by many radio communication technologies. It is a Digital Cellular technology. Commonly used for mobile communication. This is an example of a Multiple Access technique.

You must be thinking that the SIM you are using in your phone is a GSM network or a CDMA network, then it is an easy trika if you are using a phone and it has a SIM slot, then you are using GSM And if it does not have Sim Slot, then you are using CDMA.

But now you can put the SIM card in CDMA mobile as well, but for this, the company whose mobile you are buying, you will have to buy the SIM of the same company. CDMA is based on Spread Spectrum Technology.

Features of CDMA

  • Many users of CDMA systems share the same frequency. Either TDD or FDD can be used.
  • Unlike TDMA or FDMA, CDMA has a soft capacity limit.
  • CDMA is an interference limiting system.
  • Multi-path fading reduces to a large extent because the signal is spread over a large spectrum.
  • The channel data rate in CDMA systems is very high. The duration of the symbol is very short and usually much shorter than the channel delay spread. A RAKE receiver can be used to improve reception by collecting time-delayed versions of the required signal.
  • CDMA uses co-channel cells thus it can use macroscopic spatial variation to provide a soft handoff.
  • Self-jamming is a problem in the CDMA system. Self-jamming arises from the fact that the diffusion sequences of different users are not orthogonal at all.
  • A near-far problem in CDMA receivers occurs when an undesired user has the power to exert a desired powers compared to the high detected power.

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