ETC Full Form - ETC What is the meaning of?

ETC Full Form - ETC What is the meaning of?

ETC Full Form, ETC Ka Full Form, ETC What is the full name of, what does ETC mean, ETC meaning in Hindi, what does ETC mean. If you too are looking for answers to all these questions, then read this post completely because in this post I will tell you the use of ETC along with ETC full form.

There are many such short words (forms) in English language which we keep using but very few people know the full forms of these short forms and their correct use and ETC is one such short form and you have also used it many times. You might have done, but you might not even know what ETC full form is.

Whenever we give some examples about a thing or thing and the examples list of that thing or thing are more items, then instead of giving a list of all the examples, we give only a few examples and in the last of those examples in Hindi language etc. Use the word and ETC word in English language.

Now let's learn when and where and how ETC is used along with ETC full form.

What is ETC Full Form?

The full form of ETC is " Et cetera " and is a Latin word and etc full form means in English language Et meaning And + Cetera meaning Things and in Hindi it means " आदि ".

Most of the time we use ETC when we either do not want to write more or we do not know the complete answer and hence some people think that etc have full form or meaning “ end of thinking capacity ”.

When and where to use ETC?

In English, so on word is also used instead of etc word and in Hindi, use words like adi, other, etc.

Example: We carry books, writing pad, pencil / pen etc to school.

Example: We go to school with books, writing pad, pencil etc.

Other Full forms of ETC:

  • ETC: Et cetera (other things)
  • ETC: Electronic Toll Collection
  • ETC: Evil Type Correction
  • ETC: Experiment Test Cycle
  • ETC: Earth Terrain Camera
  • ETC: Estimated Time of Completion

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