GIF Full Form - What does GIF mean?

GIF Full Form - What does GIF mean?

GIF full form, what is GIF, what is GIF in Whatsapp or what does GIF mean, how to make GIF in your name. If you too are searching for answers to these questions, then you are reading the right post.

Because in this post I am going to tell you what is the full form of GIF, how to make GIF images, how to download GIF images for free and how you can post / upload / send GIF images on WhatsApp or Facebook?

There is a saying that "a picture is worth a thousand words", that is, what you cannot say in a thousand words, you can speak or explain it through an image (picture), and according to scientific research, text to a human being More picture information is understood and liked more quickly than information.

For this reason, today you get more use of images in websites, banners, books, presentations everywhere. We also call image, picture and image is of many types like PNG, GIF, JPG (JPEG), BMP etc. and in this post I will tell you about GIF images.

What is GIF Full Form and what does GIF mean?

GIF stand for " Graphics Interchange Format " and GIF full form in Hindi means such a format of Graphics which is Interchange i.e. an image which is animated graphics and in simple words, Animated Images are GIF images.

Some time ago in websites, flash files were used for animation in presentations but there was a problem with flash files that every browser or application did not support flash animation, due to which there would be blank space show in place of flash file. Was

To solve this problem, in 1987, CampuServe published the animated GIF format of the image and since then the use of GIF images for small animation in websites or presentations has increased a lot.

gif full form

How to make GIF of your name ?

There are many online tools (websites) on the Internet, on which you can upload multiple photos or videos and convert them to animated gif image and you can also make GIF with your name so that you can wish people on any festival. Can.

Today, on one of those many online tools, we will learn how to make GIF, the tool that we are going to learn about it is, it is an online GIF Sharing Website which has a huge collection of GIFs.

You can make this GIF for any festival Wish or for any other work. So let's see how to make a gif.

 how to make gif

1. First of all, you will open your browser and write in its address bar and press Enter.

2. When the website will open, you will see Create Button in front, on which we will click. After clicking on Create, you will see three options.

 how to make gif

3. With this option, you can make your GIF by selecting your images or a background, or you can edit a GIF by taking it beforehand.

4. With this option, you can select a video and convert a small part of it into a GIF.

5. With this option you can convert any video from YouTube to GIF. For this, you just have to paste that video into the Link Input Box.

But here, you will be told to take a background and write your name on it and convert it to GIF. So we Click on 3 and open an Img.

 how to make gif

6. You will select the image that you want to change in the image and you can open more than one image.

7. After selecting the image, click on Open Button.

 how to make gif

8. This is an output window where you get the images and text you have selected, the style and animation shown on the text and you can add more images from the Add More Images given below.

9. From here you can apply different elements on your GIF. For example, with Caption you can write Text on Image, Animated Stickers from Stickers, Different Filters on Images selected from Filters, and Drawing on Images from Draw or anything.

10. This is the sub-item of Caption itself, on this you can write any text that you want to show on the image and change its color as well.

11. From here, you can type typed text with different style.

12. With this you can give animation on the typed text. So that GIF looks even better.

13. With Start Over, you can start making GIFs.

14. When you are happy with the GIF you have created, then you can click on Continue to Upload.

 how to make gif

15. Then you can write a specific tag for your GIF and click on Upload to GIPHY and convert it to GIF.

 how to make gif

From here you can share your GIF on social media.

 how to make gif

16. If you want to save your GIF, then you have to right click on the GIF and there you will see the option of Save Image As, by clicking on which you can save the image.

 how to make gif

17. All you have to do is name your image

18. Then click on Save. And your image is ready.

 how to make gif

I have given the names (with link) of some sites below, by which you can create animated gif images.

How to Download Animated GIF Image?

You can also search and download animated gif images from google and for that you have to select the animated option by clicking on the type in tools on google image search page and then after that whatever image you search will be animated gif images. .

how to download gif from google

Apart from Google, you can download any kind of animated gif images on . Giphy is a search engine (database) of gif images on which you can download and share any kind of gif image.

How to send Animated GIF on WhatsApp or Facebook?

GIF full form in Whatsapp - Even in Whatsapp, you can send graphics interchange format (gif images) to your friends. For this, you have to go to whatsapp emoji option and click on GIF and then there you will get lots of GIF images which you can send to your friends.

send gif on whatsapp

In Facebook, open the chat of the friend to whom you want to send gif images and then click on GIF and then there you will find many GIF images which you can send to your friends.

send gif on facebook
  • GIF Meaning  – A form of computer image that moves as an animation
  • GIF File Extension – .gif
  • GIF Full Form – Graphics Interchange Format
  • GIF DownloadGIPHY.COM
  • GIF
  • GIF

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