ICT Full Form - What is ICT?

ICT Full Form - What is ICT?

ICT Full Form in Hindi, what is the full form of ICT, what is ICT, what is ICT, full name of ICT and what it means in Hindi, you will get answers to all such questions in this post.

ICT Full Form

ICT has full form Information and Communications Technology . It is called सूचना और संचार प्रौद्योगिकी in Hindi. Information and Communications Technology can be defined as tools and resources. This includes any communication equipment and applications used to handle network-based control and monitoring, intelligent building management systems, broadcast media, and more.

What is ICT?

This includes any product that stores, retrieves and manages digital data such as computers, mobile phones, robots, etc. ICT cannot be defined in any particular way because the methods and applications involved in ICT develop day by day.

However, information and communication technology is a public sector that includes all types of technology for information communication. It is the technology that has the capability of operating Structure, Storage and Use of Information and for Information from various channels of Communications like Radio Televisions, Cell Phones, Computers and Network, Hardware and Software, Satellite System, Different Services and Applications. Provides broadcasting facilities.

ICT (Information and Communications Technology) has become an essential and recognized part of many people's lives. ICT has a profound impact on the development of various sectors like Agriculture, Health, Governance and Education. ICT is a variety of collections in which various technology tools are located such as Protocols and Services like Video Conferencing and Electronic Mail etc. ICT (Information and Communications Technology) has various components such as -

  • Computer Hardware Technology
  • Computer Software Technology
  • Telecommunications and Network Technology

Computer Hardware Technology

Under Computer Hardware Technology comes Microcomputer, Server and Large Mainframe Computer as well as Input Output and Collection Devices.

Computer Software Technology

Operating Software Web Browser Database Management System (DBMS) Server and Business, Commercial Software under Computer Software Technology.

Telecommunications and Network Technology

Under Telecommunication under Telecommunications and Network Technology, the processor and telecommunication based wire or wireless based software, encoding network security information etc.

Importance of ICT

ICT has become a basic need for today's society. Business organizations use ICT in many ways, for example - to increase productivity, bring customers, boost their resources, etc. ICT applications have some intelligent or smart features in existing techniques. Are involved.

The ICT Industry has an Indirect Effect on Direct as well as Economic Development. This modern communication network can be used to increase the growth of advertising and enterprise. Many industrial services depend on ICT directly or indirectly.

All Full Form ICT

  • ICT - Information and Computer Technology

  • ICT - Information and Communications Technology

  • ICT - Intermittent cervical traction

  • ICT - Influence Coefficient Tests

  • ICT - Interface Control Tooling

  • ICT - Information and Communication Technologies

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