What is KB, MB, GB and TB Memory Full Form, and Difference?

What is KB, MB, GB and TB Memory Full Form, and Difference?

What is Bit, Byte, KB, MB, GB and TB Full Form and Difference, Computer memory unit chart, KB What is MB and TB, Computer data storage units, What is the difference between MB and GB, KB in Internet speed , What is the meaning of MB or GB, if you too are looking for answers to all these questions, then read this post completely.

If I ask you how many kilograms Delhi is away from Punjab or I ask you how many rupees a liter of apples or potatoes are running or I ask you how many rupees meters are being run by milk, then you will say what are these useless questions because I am all here I am measuring things wrongly.

To measure every object in the world, a separate measurement unit has been made so that we can measure the weight or capacity of that object, such as distance meters or kilometers from one place to another, fruits , weight of vegetables etc. measure in grams or kilograms.

Similarly, there is a separate measurement unit for measuring digital data like computer or mobile data, storage device capacity of digital devices and Internet data, which we know as KB, MB or GB.

But very few people know about Memory Measurement Units, so many people ask what is MB, what is GB, how many MB is there in 1 GB, what is GB full form, etc. After reading this post, you will get answers to all the questions related to computer memory.

What is Bit Byte KB MB GB TB Full Form and Difference

Before knowing more about computer memory, we first get to know the full form of memory measurement units.

  • Bit full form Binary Digit
  • KB full form Kilo Byte
  • MB full form Mega Byte
  • GB full form Giga Byte
  • TB full form Tera Byte
  • PB full form Peta Byte
  • EB full form Exa Byte
  • ZB full form Zetta Byte
  • YB full form Yotta Byte
  • omeone must have asked you at some time, how much money is there in 1 rupee or you must have asked how many MBs are there in 1 GB and as we know 100 rupees is in 1 rupee but very few people know that How many MBs are there in 1 GB, etc. Let's know it now.

    • Bit = 0 or 1
    • 1 Nibble = 4 Bits
    • 1 Byte = 8 Bits
    • 1 KB = 1024 Bytes
    • 1 MB = 1024 KB
    • 1 GB = 1024 MB
    • 1 TB = 1024 GB

    Information About Computer Memory

    The fastest memory in a computer is Register and Cache memory, they are both part of CPU but their storage capacity is very less. After this number comes its capacity of RAM is 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB or 16GB.

    RAM is a volatile memory, ie the data in it is stored only temporarily i.e. whenever you open (use) an application in your computer or mobile, they occupy space in the RAM itself.

    After this the number comes Hard Disk normally its capacity can be from 300 GB to 3 TB. Apart from this, you can also get Pendrive from 1 GB to 128 GB easily.

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