NCR Full Form - What is the full name of Delhi NCR?`

NCR Full Form - What is the full name of Delhi NCR?`

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You must have heard from many people or you have heard many places that this has happened in NCR, but it happened in NCR, but if you ask him what is the full form of NCR or what does NCR mean, then he hardly gives you NCR Can give any information about

Many people think that Delhi is called NCR but friends are not like that at all. What is ncr, what is ncr full form, why and when NCR was made and which cities come in NCR, I am going to give you complete information, so you must read this post till the end.

What is NCR Full Form and when was NCR made and why?

First of all, know what is the NCR full form, then the full form of friends NCR is " National Capital Region " and NCR full form in Hindi means " राष्ट्रीय राजधानी क्षेत्र".

As you know that our national capital is Delhi and that is why there used to be development in Delhi as compared to other cities and states and still happens and for this development more people were also needed.

That's why many people from all over India used to go to Delhi so that they could get work and at one time it came to be that there was more than a limit population in Delhi and then in Delhi for resources like living, new factories and companies to open. There was a shortage of space, water etc.

To avoid this shortage of resources, the National Capital Region Planning Board was created in 1985 and this board combined Delhi's National Capital Territory (NCT) and some of the states adjoining Delhi such as Uttar Pradesh, Rajsthan, Haryana. Made NCR.

The advantage of creating a National Capital Region (NCR) was that the development work was not limited to Delhi, it spread to entire NCR, which ended the shortage of land for factories, companies' and people to live.

What is NCR?

Over 70 million population lives in NCR. The NCR comprises several cities in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan adjoining Delhi. These cities of these states join together to make Delhi not only beautiful and vibrant, but also provide an opportunity to populate a new world, from employment to trade, but also educationally and culturally.

At present, Delhi has 14 disticts from National Capital Territory of Delhi and neighboring Delhi of Delhi, 8 disticts from Uttar Pradesh and 2 disticts from Rajsthan. In the National Capital Region (NCR), I have given the list of all the disticts involved except NCT.

Which cities come in NCR?

  1. Meerut
  2. Muzaffarnagar
  3. Ghaziabad
  4. Gautam Budh Nagar
  5. Bulandshahr
  6. Baghpat
  7. Hapur
  8. Shamli
  9. Faridabad
  10. Gurgaon
  11. Mahendragarh
  12. Bhiwani
  13. Charkhi Dadri
  14. Nuh
  15. Rohtak
  16. Sonipat
  17. Rewari
  18. Jhajjar
  19. Panipat
  20. Palwal
  21. Jind
  22. Karnal
  23. Alwar
  24. Bharatpur

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