PCO Full Form - what is PCO?

PCO Full Form - what is PCO?

What is PCO Full Form, what is PCO, what is the Advantages of PCO. Why PCO is used. What is the full name of PCO. Why PCO is important for us If you are looking for answers to these questions related to PCO, then this post is for you only.

Today I am going to give you information about PCO in this post. I hope that whatever you want to know about PCO, you will definitely find it in this post. If you want to understand about PCOs well, then read this post completely.

PCO is a very common word that everyone must have heard. But PCO Full Form is not known. They do not even know what a PCO is. So let us know what is PCO Full Form and what is PCO.

PCO Full Form

First of all, we will know what is PCO Full Form. it'is Called Public Call Office. This is called public office call in Hindi. With the help of PCO we can talk to someone sitting far away from us.

What is PCO?

Friends, when you do not have a mobile or telephone. Then you had to talk to someone, then you use PCO. It is not so famous in today's time but was very famous in the 80s and 90s. Because in those times only very rich people used to have mobile and telephone.

It is referred to a place in the public area that provides a telephone facility. Prior to the revolution, it was a very necessary and efficient medium for economical communication. Now today I, everyone has a cell phone, even a smart phone, some time ago it was not so common.

At that time, PCO provided an affordable communication platform in places where it was needed. In India, many PCO booths offer the facility to call one rupee coin. BSNL is one of the largest service providers of PCO.

But now, many private telecom companies like Reliance, Tata, Idea, Vodafone, Airtel are also entering this field. These companies have opened this facility in India in very few occupations. Today you will find PCO booths in every market in India.

What is use of PCO ?

The PCO provides a platform for you to talk to your immediate relatives while sitting far away. Then whether they live in their country or somewhere else abroad. There are many such PCO booths in India, in which you can talk by putting a rupee coin.

To talk to any person from PCO, all we need is the telephone number or phone number of that person. Then we can dial that number and talk to that person. He can get his message or any information from one place and reach for many miles away.

What are the benefits of PCO?

  • With the help of PCOs, you do not need to take any new mobile or telephone.
  • We use PCO to keep our statement confidential.
  • If you want that the person you are talking to does not recognize you with whom he is talking, then you can use PCOs. If you do anything wrong with this, then the police can find you comfortably.
  • Cheapest and easiest way to transfer information.
  • There is neither maintenance charge nor any fix charge.
  • Its networks are also not very busy and the voice is also very clear.
  • I think no permit fee. The more you talk, the more money you have to give.

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