PWD Full Form - What is PWD Means?

PWD Full Form - What is PWD Means?

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Today I am going to give you information about PWD in this post. I hope that whatever you want to know about PWD, you will definitely find it in this post. If you want to understand about PWD well then then do read this post completely.

What is the PWD Full Form?

PWD has full form Public Works Department . It is called लोक निर्माण विभाग in Hindi. PWD is a government organization, that is to say, the PWD department is a completely government department whose job is to work in cities by providing resources like building roads, building, bridge construction work. PWD is at the state level but we also know it at the city level. PWD department also works on some big projects like Flyover, Road, Public Utility to complete the construction work

The work of PWD is also to provide water everywhere in the entire city, and along with it, it is also the job of PWD to repairs the supply pipe in the way. The job of the Public Works Department is to keep the city well cleaned so that there are more roads in the city. If the road, highway or any government building such as school, hospital has any kind of damage, then PWD has to do the work of repairing it too. PWD performs fully government functions.

Main functions of PWD

There are many tasks of PWD such as Roads, Drinking Water, Building which are under the government, all these work also comes under PWD. Here you can see some major work in detail below like -

  • Drinking water system
  • Government building
  • Road construction
  • Construction of bridges

Drinking water system

The work of drinking water system falls within the PWD. The PWD keeps the drinking water system clean in the city or village and metro cities because if the Pipe Line breaks on any place, then its work also comes within the PWD if a new Pipe Line is to be laid.

Government building

The work of government building comes under the PWD. PWD building in a city or village and metro cities, if the government building is broken anywhere, then its repair and if it is to build a new government building, then its work also comes inside the PWD.

Road construction

Road construction work comes under PWD. The PWD keeps the road construction in the city or village and metropolis clean, because even if the road is built and repaired anywhere and if a new road is to be built, then its work also comes within the PWD.

Construction of bridges

The construction of the bridges comes under the PWD. If there is a need for a bridge and the government has announced the construction of the bridge, then this department also does its work.

PWD second Full Form

Apart from what I have told you right now, PWD has another full form. That Full Form is "Persons with Disabilities" which in Hindi means "विकलांग व्यक्ति".

This word is used for those who are not able to do physically or mentally. In which there is some kind of incompleteness. For such people, the government has also given an exemption in the constitution so that they will not be left behind in any field.

A certificate is created to certify your disability, by which a percentage is given to your disability. If the percentage of your disability is more than 40% then you get a special discount in government jobs or universities.

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