RAM Full Form - What is RAM?

RAM Full Form - What is RAM?

What is RAM Full Form, what is RAM, how many types of RAM are there, how the speed of a laptop or smartphone depends on the RAM? If you are looking for answers to these questions related to RAM, then this post is for you only.

Today I am going to give you information about RAM in this post. I hope that whatever you want to know about RAM, you will definitely get in this post. If you want to understand better about RAM, then do a complete read of this post.

Friends, if you have ever used Computer, Laptop or Smartphone, you must have heard about RAM or whenever we go to buy Computer, Laptop or Smartphone, then our one question is also how much RAM is there.

I will explain about memory before telling you about RAM. A Deivce has two types of memory - Primary Memory and Secondary Memory . The RAM that is there is part of Primary Memory.

What is RAM Full Form and what is RAM?

RAM Stands For “Random Access Memory (रैंडम एक्सेस मेमोरी) ” . RAM is called "यादृच्छिक अभिगम स्मृतिb>" in Hindi. It is a volatile memory. Apps used in a device are accessed by this.

You must have heard that RAM is a virtual memory, this means that any data in RAM is protected as long as Power keeps coming in it, the data in RAM is destroyed as soon as Power Cut comes.

The data (OS, Files, Images etc.) present in your computer is present in Secondary Memory. When you start your computer, the data present in Secondary Memory is sent in RAM.

This is done because because of the Secondary Memory Slow, no data can be easily accessed, hence RAM is used so that any data can be accessed easily and fast.

Types of RAM

There are two types of RAM -

SRAM - Its full name is Static Rendom Access Memory. Its data remains as long as Power Flow remains in it. We do not need to refresh it again and again.

SRAM is the fastest memory. It also Consume the most power and it is also quite expensive than the rest of the price. We can also use it as Cache Memory.

DRAM - Its full name is Dynamic Rendom Access Memory. It is a Semi-Conductor Memory in which there are small individual capacitors in which every bit of data is stored.

It has to be refreshed again and again. It consume less power and its price is also very low. This is the exact opposite of static RAM.

How does the speed of laptop or smartphone depend on RAM?

Whenever you go to buy a laptop or Smartphone, one of your questions is that how much RAM is in it because the speed of a device depends on the RAM in it.

I have already told you above that computer cannot be run from Secondary Memory, RAM is used for this because it is faster than Secondary Memory.

When you start any Comptuer or Smartphone, it takes a little time before it starts, at that time it is transferring the data from Secondary Memory to RAM.

When this process is complete, the computer starts. Now you must be thinking that the RAM in our PC is up to 1GB, 2GB or 8GB and Hard Disk is up to 500GB or 1TB.

So how much data would have come in RAM. Actually, data is sent according to the need in RAM as much as is needed. When we open an application, the useless data is removed from RAM and the data of that application is sent to RAM.

Note- The more RAM in your device, the more data will be transferred in it, which will increase the speed of your device.

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