SSLC Full Form - What is SSLC?

SSLC Full Form - What is SSLC?

What is SSLC Full Form, what is SSLC, what is the use of SSLC, what is SSLC? If you are looking for answers to these questions related to SSLC, then this post is for you only.

Today I am going to give you information about SSLC in this post. I hope that whatever you want to know about SSLC, you will definitely find it in this post. If you want to understand better about SSLC, then do read this post completely.

Friends, as you will be aware that whenever we do a job or want to study anything further, we need some certificates, with the help of which we get Admission in Job or any college.

SSLC is such a certificate, so without spending time, you know what is the Importance of SSLC Certificate and also you will know what is SSLC Full Form and what is SSLC.

What is SSLC Full Form and what is SSLC?

SSLC Stands for “ Secondary School Leaving Certificate ”. SSLC is called " माध्यमिक स्कूल छोड़ने का प्रमाणपत्र " in Hindi. This certificate is obtained after passing Secondary School (10th standard) in India.

Secondary School is considered as the 10th Borad exam in India. When you pass the 10th examination and after that you want to study in further classes, then you need this certificate.

Importance of SSLC

By the way, SSLC has a lot of Imoprtance. Of which, studying after Secondary School is also. Without it, neither in Same College nor any other college you will be allowed to study in higher school.

If you do not have any of your birth certificates and you need to place a birth certificate at some place, then you can also apply SSLC certificate. This is also your Birth Certificate certificate.

Classification of education

By the way, education in India is mainly divided into three parts. But for some time, its four parts have been considered. as written below-

Play Group: - This is the earliest and smallest level of education. Under this, Nursery, Pre. Nursery, KG, LKG ., UKG . Etc. come.

Primary School: - This is the second phase of education. Where to begin to read writing. Under this, classes from 1 to 5 are included.

Secondary School: - This is the third stage of education. It consists of the next five years of education. It covers classes from 6 to 10.

Higher Seconary School: - This is the fourth stage of education. Under which 11 th , 12 th , Graduation and subsequent Courses come.

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