VIP Full Form - What do VIP and VVIP stand for?

VIP Full Form - What do VIP and VVIP stand for?

VIP full form, VIP ka full form, VIP full form and meaning, VIP full form, what is the full form of VIP, what is the full name of VIP, VVIP full form, which is called VIP. If you too are looking for answers to all these questions, then read this post completely.

You must have heard the word VIP at some time or other, but I have seen that many people do not know the status of VIP or full form of VIP. As I was once going somewhere with my friend, we suddenly saw that the police blocked the road and where the road will open when VIP is being passed.

At that time my friend asked who is a VIP and what is the meaning of VIP, so I thought that I should write a post on it so that many people know the VIP meaning and full form.

What is VVIP and VIP Full Form - What does VIP mean?

The full form of VIP is "Very Important Person" and the full form of VVIP is "Very Very Important Person". VIP and VVIP in full form means "very important person".

Now let us know what is the meaning of VIP, friends, any person who gets more privileges, importance, treatment than a common person because that person is more famous than a common person. , be influential and important.

In easy words, a person who gets good status on any one of the given points gets VIP status in India.

  • Rich in monetary values (मौद्रिक मूल्यों में अमीर)
  • Rich in power of authority (अधिकारकी शक्ति में अमीर)
  • Rich in Popularity (लोकप्रियता में अमीर)

VIP Examples –celebrities, heads of state or heads of government, other politicians, major employers, high rollers, high-level corporate officers, wealthy individuals, and any good man who gets good comfort and services from a common man.

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