Virus Full From - What is virus?

Virus Full From - What is virus?

What is Virus Full Form, what is Virus, how does Virus spread, what is Virus full name. How to avoid the virus, what diseases are caused by the virus. What harm can we get from Virus. If you are searching for these questions related to Virus meaning, then this post is right for you.

Today I am sharing information related to Virus in this post with you. I hope that whatever you want to know about Virus, you will definitely find it in this post. If you want to know well about Virus, then read this post till the end.

Friends, there are many types of viruses. Like computer viruses are human viruses etc. Like, the corona virus is hovering around the world as an epidemic. Well, there are also computer viruses which harm our computer in the same way. Due to the arrival of virus in our computer, our computer starts running very slow.

So we are going to have a discussion about computer Virus here. What is Virus Meaning? What is Virus Full Form? What is a virus? What is the full name of virus?

Virus Full Form

It's Called Vital Information Resources Under Seize. if we search the Hindi Meaning of the virus, then the विषाणु is found. Or if we search the Hindi meaning of virus full form वाइटल इनफार्मेशन रिसोर्सेज अंडर सिज़े , then Important information resources are seized

What is VIRUS?

A computer virus is a computer program or a piece of code. Which loads on your computer without your knowledge and runs against your consent. Viruses have a property to replicate themselves and spread from one computer to another.

When its replication is successful, it can affect data files, hard drive boot sectors, etc. The affected area is called infected. It tries to stop the applications you are running or does not allow them to run.

Viruses are human develop programs that typically write to access private information, corrupt data to display political and humorous messages on the user's screen. They install themselves in your computer and spread on execution of the Infected Program.

Computer viruses cause billions of dollars of damage every year. Most viruses attack people running Microsoft Windows. To combat the virus, programmers created anti-virus programs.

What are the harmful effects of virus ?

  • Your system can corrupt the file and slow down your computer system.
  • Can make some programs corrupt or faulty.
  • Can damage the computer's boot sector.
  • Can steal your computer information and send it to someone else.
  • Delete your entire hard drive.
  • Can display irrelevant and annoying messages on your computer screen.
  • The power rating of your computer may change which may cause an explosion.

Types of computer viruses?

  • Boot sector viruses
  • Program viruses
  • Multipartite viruses
  • Stealth viruses
  • Macro viruses
  • Polymorphic viruses
  • Active X viruses
  • Browser hijacker
  • Resident viruses
  • File infector viruses

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